Since our inception in 1971, Di-Coat Corporation has earned a reputation for providing both high-quality products and reliable service.

Di-Coat Corporation
has been a leader in manufacturing precision burs and other diamond coated tooling used by surgeons in the operating room.

One of the fastest growing markets is in the area of ground-face masonry blocks used in the building construction industry. Di-Coat developed a line of diamond coated grinding drums and wheels that alters the appearance of an ordinary concrete block into an aesthetically stunning surface by smoothing the face and exposing the aggregate. The effect is similar to granite or marble but at a fraction of the cost.  Going one step further, our Machinery Division began designing and manufacturing specialty machinery that takes full advantage of grinding masonry block with single-layer diamond.  The result has been an increase in efficiency and cost-effectiveness for our customers.

There's nothing we enjoy more than working with you, our customer, to solve a complex problem or turn a weird idea into a great success. So if your technical problem can be solved with the Di-Coat process, then please give us an opportunity to take that extra step for you.

Di-Coat is a USA Owned and Operated Company!

Diamond Coated Surgical Products
Diamond Coated Surgical Products
Di-Coat Corporation excels in contract manufacturing of  diamond surgical burs with the emphasis on quality.
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CBN Grinding Mandrels
These Wheels are designed to fill a specific need where a more aggressive and faster cut is needed on any hardened steel.

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Di-Coat Masonry Grinding Machines
Masonry Grinding & Machinery
Alter the appearance of ordinary concrete block into an aesthetically stunning surface using Di-Coat grinding drums and wheels.
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