Diamond Honing

Single-Pass Diamond/CBN Hones

Di-Coat offers single-pass precision with our quality engineered superabrasive hones.

Single-pass superabrasive honing tools by Di-Coat will streamline your honing operations into a quick one pass finishing operation. Di-Coat hones are accurate, consistent and economical for all of your honing applications.

Di-Coat honing tools remove .0010″ of stock or more in a single pass while achieving surface finishes of 25 micro-inch or finer. Di-Coat hones are adaptable to a wide variety of machines including all honing machines and most drill presses. These tools also remove stock efficiently with hand held parts or automatic set-ups, and require less operator skill than conventional multi-stroke honing.

  • Sizes and Finishes Holes in a Single Pass
  • Removes .0010″ or More in One Pass
  • Improves Accuracy and Part to Part Consistency
  • Improves Hole Geometry
  • Reduces Waste and Rework
  • Reduces Tooling and Set Up Costs
  • Eliminates Abrasive Wear on Machinery
  • Excellent for Interrupted Bores
  • Adaptable to Blind Hole Applications